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About Us

Created in 2014, RipaLip is the industry leader in helping recreational and professional anglers protect and learn their marine electronics. RipaLip provides the industry’s only comprehensive Marine Electronics Protection System. RipaLip is trusted for its high quality, made in the USA products.

Our Story

Fishing has always been a passion of mine and I've been using marine electronics since the 1970s. Sometime in 2012 while trailering my boat the manufacturer screen cover blew off. I purchased another plastic screen cover and a few weeks later that second cover blew off and I watched in my rear view mirror as the car behind me ran it over. At that moment I thought, "there must be a better way". I looked for a solution that would keep the screen cover secured in place, something that would protect not only the screen but the back of the unit and electrical connections. After searching for months and finding nothing I began to create prototypes of a screen cover that would eventually become the RipaLip Marine Electronics Screen Cover.

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I live in a part of the country that requires me to store my boat for the winter. Each year I would wrap my marine electronics units in towels and place them in a plastic storage bin. During the same time I was working on the screen cover while carrying that plastic bin, towels and marine electronics head units down to a shelf in the basement for the winter I thought, "there has to be a better way" to store my marine electronics. I took the same material I had used for the screen cover and began prototyping a fully padded storage case. After several versions, the RipaLip Marine Electronics Storage Case was designed.

After the Screen Cover and Storage Case were finished the idea of a Marine Electronics Protection System came to mind. I had the Cover and the Case, now I needed something that would clean the screen, remove the water spots and finger prints without damaging the anti-reflective layer and touch screen. I did my research and found an amazing citrus-based formula created by a local company. RipaLip Marine Screen Klean completed the Marine Electronics Protection System.

I spent thousands of dollars on my marine electronics, now I had a solution to protect my investment. I created products to meet my own needs as an angler. I am proud to say our Screen Cover and Storage Case are sewn in Minnesota and our Screen Klean is also bottled there. You will find Made in the USA tags on all our products.

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After a few years of selling and listening to anglers who were frustrated by the complexity of the settings and screen options on their marine electronics, I realized there was a need for easy to access, simple marine electronics education. When do you need access to the tips and settings to dial-in your marine electronics? When your on the water fishing. I put together a team of marine electronics subject matter experts and after 18 months of design and 3 months of production, the RipaLip University Marine Electronics Learning App was launched.

I have a passion for fishing, from Muskie, Walleye, Crappie and Bass to Snook, Reds, Snapper and Billfish. I create products that I would use as an angler.

You work hard. You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your marine electronics, now protect your investment and get the most out of their capabilities.

Tight lines and RipaLip!

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