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Frequently asked questions have been gathered from questions that we encounter regularly from our customers.

Is the Screen Cover waterproof?
We cannot say waterproof.  However, it is very water resistant and durable. The cover is made from same material that is used for snowmobile seats.  It will protect your sonar from rain and snow.

Can you wash the Screen Cover?
Yes. Because of the material we use, bugs, dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. will all come off with ease using a garden hose or wet rag/sponge.  Note, the inside has a felt lining that will need to dry if you get the inside wet while cleaning.

Does the Storage Case float?
Yes. Even when full of gear. The storage case has 3/8" closed-cell foam, top, side and bottom which not only protects but is very buoyant.

Does the Screen Cleaner remove water spots?
We use a proprietary citrus-based formula that does a great job removing water spots, dirt and finger prints. 

Will the cover blow off while trailering?
No. The screen cover includes two heavy duty Velcro straps.  Place the cover over your head unit.  Feed the Velcro straps through your mounting system and cinch down the Velcro straps to keep the cover in place.

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