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RipaLip Marine Electronics SunShade

Reduce screen glare and maximize screen clarity with this adjustable SunShade.

The RipaLip SunShade is made in the USA and was created specifically for marine electronics to reduce the glare from the sun and reflective surfaces.

Designed by anglers for anglers our SunShade covers the marine electronics head unit across the top and down the sides. The visor length is proportional to the sounder screen size. Corrugated hard poly fill is covered by a UV treated, water resistant material. The sides of the SunShade are fully adjustable with hook and loop fasteners. Our unique, patent pending design, allows the sides to fold in and top fold down, thereby functioning as a screen protector, secured in place by a hook/loop fastener. Easy to put on and off the perimeter of the SunShade is lined with grip treated, fully adjustable elastic. Once you stretch the elastic around your marine electronics head unit, connect the sown-in, adjustable cross straps across the back to ensure the SunShade stays in place.

Available in 5 sizes from 7" - 16" and designed to fit Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin, Simrad and other marine electronics.

Fully Adjustable

The sides of the SunShade are not sown to the elastic strap.  We have included touch fasteners that allow you to adjust the sides to your perfect viewing angle.  This is especially helpful when viewing live-screen transducers.

Ice anglers will see an immediate improvement with the SunShade by cutting down the sun's reflection off the snow and ice. 

Easy On and Easy Off

The RipaLip SunShade features a grip-treated adjustable elastic strap that goes around the perimeter of your fish finder or navigation screen.  No need to remove the bezel or use any screws.  For extra security, connect the crisscross straps across the back, the SunShade will not blow off while boating across the lake or trailering your boat.

For an added level of protection for your screen, our unique design allows the sides to fold in and the top folds down. Secure the folds with a touch fastener and your screen is protected with room to add your RipaLip Screen cover.

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    • SunShade for 15"-16" screen
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